Dr. Therasa Wang is an eminent personality having abundance of talents and specializations in medical field. Dr. Therasa Wang is super talented person and has done specialization in the medical field. She has done various types of studies and training in variant types of plastic surgeries and procedures. She always keeps herself updated with all the latest tools and techniques that are popular in terms of plastic surgery.

She received her medical degree from very famous John Hopskins School of Medicine. Once she attained her medical degree, she doesn’t stops there but move further to University of Pennsylvania accomplish her training. During her training period, she works in Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has also done complimentary training in microsurgery and cancer reconstruction at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, which is located in the center of New York City.

She was a really vivid scholar but at the moment, she is really intelligent physician who treats both equally grownups and kids. Dr. Wang has done specialization in various aesthetic and reconstructive procedures that are very much latest in terms of plastic surgery. She is also mindful in regards to the most up-to-date microsurgery methods these kinds of as perforator flaps – DIEP, SIEA, SGAP, TUG and ALT. When she was getting training in New York’s cancer center, she also attains training in implant and autologous methods of breast reconstruction. She has also done specialization in rhinoplasty procedures and knows very well what are the different factors associated with this treatment such as risks, benefits, complications and end result.

Full New York City is mindful while using the miracles and miracles of Dr. Therasa Wang in cosmetic surgery. Various famous journals and text books have also published about the great work done by her. Most of the prestigious journals and text books also include information about the impressive work done by her in terms of plastic surgery. Dr. Wang always moves forward to present her talent and knowledge in context to plastic surgery procedures in different types of society meetings and get together. She has currently introduced her do the job in sizeable plastic surgery modern society meetings this sort of as American Affiliation of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery plus the American Modern society of Cosmetic surgery.

Lady with numerous talents, Dr Wang is also conversant enough to perform various other treatments like breast augmentation, breast lifts and body contouring surgeries. She has also shares her information about breast reconstruction both nationally and internationally.

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