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In the current time the deficiencies of the human body can be easily repairable in most cases. Among many other focus at reshaping the body, rhinoplasty is said to be the well known and artistic procedures that are carried out in today’s time. There are few people who are aware of the meaning of rhinoplasty. It means to reshape the nose by the use of cosmetic surgery ways for aesthetic reasons. Another name given to rhinoplasty is “nose job”. The look of nose can spoil the entire appearance of the face so it would be recommended to correct the disparities and nasal defects and for this nasal surgery will be said the best and effective way to get rid of various issues. Along with the surgery the breathing problems can be tackled in a successful manner. You can get more information about it on atlantarhinoplastycritic.com.

Essential things to consider in rhinoplasty 

Top 3 questions associated with nasal surgery and their answers are:

  1. Would it be easy to wear glasses after surgery? – It is suggested by the surgeons that an individual should not wear glasses at least for 30 days after the surgery. In such a case you can opt for the contact lenses.


  1. Variation between open and closed rhinoplasty -  If you are going for open nasal surgery then small cuts are made inside each nostril by the surgeon that get joined at the level of nose. After doing these surgeons lift the skin from the bones as well as cartilage of the nose for understanding the structure and shape for imperfections and then improve it. It is not easy to carry out this surgery and may take 1 to 3 hours and during that period patient is kept under general anesthesia. According to doctors when the tip of the nose has to be remodeled or the correction of lateral deviation or other small corrections has to be made then the person should go for the open surgery. In fact this is recommended by most of the doctors. On the other hand closed surgery is completely different from the open one and is more complicated. It integrates a cut inside the nostrils which access the rest of the nose. Doctor suggest for closed surgery when the need arises for the correction of the septum as well as other minor corrections. If you go for closed surgery for reducing the swelling then the skin will not be removed and the nose will be appeared round and bulky too.


  1. What are the difficulties involved in it? – If we look at the other surgical procedures then in comparison fewer risks are involved in rhinoplasty. Hemorrhaging, infection and even necrosis can lead to secondary surgery but chances are rare. Swelling and bruises are part of natural recovery process so they should not be taken as complications.

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